Monday, 19 April 2010


Hello Sweetie Notecard: {gramkinpaperstudio}

And welcome to Raspberry Thistle!

A new blog to showcase some great talent and work that is out there. I decided to start this blog, due to a few factors, one being that I am soon to go on maternity leave, so wanted to use my time productively and show others a lot of my favourite things!

RT is currently a work in progress, but hopefully, with some of the best talent out there, it will soon be blooming with ideas, freebies, fun and awesomeness!

If you would like to be featured, or know someone or something that should be, then email us here:

Have a wonderful monday!
RT xo


  1. Congratulation on your baby! Have fun blogging, I look forward to your features.

  2. Congratulations on the baby!! How exciting. I'm looking forward to following your little blog spot of favorite things :)

    Good Luck!

  3. How sweet a new baby:) Congratulations to you and your family! I love the name of your blog and I will definitely be following.
    Take care,